Moon Pyrography

A centuries old artform found in various parts of the world, the term pyrography means writing with fire.

Wedding Board

Vines Pyrography


Portland, Maine Pyrography


Through the use of a metal pen a wide range of shades can be achieved just by varying the use of temperature or the way the metal is applied to the wood. With pyrography, one can create a vast number of different images and designs to add beauty and uniqueness to everyday items.

Our products are burned by hand by local Maine artist Evelyn Francis.  Her creations range from traditional to modern.  Along with the designs she has come up with for our products she can also help you create a fully customized image for any of our products.

Standard Designs

Lady Slipper Pyrography   Lobster Pyrography Lighthouse Pyrography Small Helm Pyrography Large Helm Pyrography

Lady Slipper, 1" x 1.5"    Lobster, 2" x 3"                 Lighthouse, 2" x 3"                       Small Helm, 2" x 2"                     Large Helm 4" x 4"

Whether you already have that perfect design ready to go or would like help making your idea a reality we can't wait to hear from you.  Contact Us  today with any questions or ideas you may have.